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Vrindavan Village Theme Park

Visiting Holy Places is a purifying experience. One is cleansed of various misgivings and gets pulled closer to the Lord. Going to Vrindavan is one such blessing. The pilgrims can feel the presence of the Lord in every nook and corner and they carry the experience and the purification eternally.

At the Kumbha Mela we have created a modest replica of Vrindavan where Lord Krishna performed his pastimes. We sincerely hope to give you the same experience by having various replicas depicting the pastimes of the Lord. Hearing and seeing the pastimes of the Lord is one of the important ways aiding us in our path towards the spiritual Goal of Life.

We earnestly request your presence to the key aspect of this major festival - The Vrindavan Village Theme Park and see Krishna subduing Kaliya the serpent, Baby Krishna sucking the life out of Putana the demon, Lord Shiva dressed as a Gopi, Krishna's Rasa Lila with the Gopis, Chit-Chor Krishna, Butter Thief Krishna and many such beautiful pastimes.

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